$15 per entry

  • Opening Hours
  • 1 Bat per Person Provided
  • 1 Ball per Person Provided

Club Life Member

Pay once, $10 entry for life

  • Table Reservation 2.5 hours
  • Big Group Sessions Discount 10% off
  • Multi Ball Accessible
  • Club Events $5 off per Entry

Anytime-Training Memebr

Anytime Access to the Club

  • 24/7 Accessible beyond opening hours
  • Club Events Discount $5 off

Anytime-Training Yearly Memebr

Anytime Access to the Club

  • 24/7 Accessible beyond opening hours
  • Big Group Session Disscount 10% off
  • Club Events $5 off per entry

Morning Access Member

Access from 9am to 3pm

  • Free during access hours

Family Bundle

Family Play

  • up to 4 people free play
  • One table available

会员规则 (Member Rules)

  1. 在俱乐部有Junior Squad Training的情况下,我们会首先保证group training的球台使用。Club Life member和Anytime-Training Member如果有需要,可以提前预定球台,我们会告知您可预约时段。

    When there is Junior Squad Training at the club, we will prioritize the use of tables for group training. Club Life members and Anytime-Training Members can reserve tables in advance if needed. We will inform you of the available reservation times.

  2. 每人每周能预约两次球台,如需取消请提前24小时告知,如果连续两次预约未使用,预约功能将会被冻结一周。

    Each person can reserve a table twice a week. If you need to cancel, please inform us 24 hours in advance. If you fail to use the reservation twice in a row, your reservation function will be frozen for one week.

  3. 请爱护俱乐部的设施,避免磕碰球桌,训练完请捡球并将设备归位。

    Please take care of the club’s facilities and avoid bumping into the tables. After training, please pick up the balls and return the equipment to its place.

  4. 会员自第一次使用后生效,生效后无法退款,但可申请会员冻结。

    Membership takes effect after the first use and cannot be refunded after it becomes effective, but you can apply for membership freezing.

  5. 会员冻结:购买Anytime-Training Member的俱乐部会员,如果您长时间无法来俱乐部,请及时申请冻结会员,每次冻结期限为1个月,每年每人可冻结两次。

    Membership Freezing: For club members who have purchased Anytime-Training Membership, if you are unable to come to the club for a long time, please apply for membership freezing in time. Each freezing period is one month, and each member can freeze their membership twice a year.

  6. 会员折扣,在您来到俱乐部购买乒乓球器材、报名课程或比赛时,请主动告知您的会员身份,避免不必要的损失。

    Membership Discounts: When you come to the club to purchase table tennis equipment, register for courses or competitions, please actively inform us of your membership status to avoid unnecessary losses.

  7. 课程折扣生效规则:课程开始日期需在会员存续期间,而不是报名日期。

    Course Discount Effective Rule: The start date of the course must be within the membership period, not the registration date.

  8. 会员课程折扣不包括Mini Group课程
  9. The group session discount excludes Junior Mini Groups

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