National Squad Training Trial - Next Tournament Date: 27 April

Date: Saturday, 27 April 2024

Time: 9AM-12:30PM

Location: 31 Dover Street, Albion, QLD 4010

Cost: $20 per player

Age Group: U17

Maximum Number: 16


Table Tennis Australia Presents: Brisbane DTE Training Program

Sponsored by Table Tennis Australia, the Brisbane DTE Training Program is designed to provide free daily training opportunities in Brisbane for the national squad members  and State Pathway ID Squad members in Queensland.

Our Mission:

Our primary aim is to offer dedicated training sessions to support the development of national squad members in Queensland. To ensure training quality and inclusivity, we have extended our sessions to include Queensland junior players.

How It Works:

  • We hold one session per week to accommodate the National Squad members and State Pathway ID Squad members.
  • We have also opened our sessions to Queensland junior players to enhance the overall training experience.
  • Monthly trials are hosted to select four spots for Queensland players in the National Squad Session.
  • These trials serve as an excellent platform for top-tier Queensland players to compete, evaluate their training progress, and find motivation.

Join us at the Brisbane DTE Training Program, sponsored by Table Tennis Australia, and be part of a dynamic table tennis community dedicated to excellence and growth.

Important Reminder Before Registering:

Before you register for the upcoming trial, please take note of the following important details:

  1. No Coaching During the Trial: Please be aware that coaching during the trial matches will not be allowed. This ensures a fair and competitive environment for all participants.

  2. All Positions Will Play Matches: To provide ample playing opportunities for all players, the match schedule will include all positions. This guarantees that everyone gets a chance to compete.

  3. Use of Results, Photos, and Videos: Kindly be informed that the results, photos, and videos captured during the trial may be used for promotional purposes on our social media channels and website. Your participation implies consent to this usage.

  4. Tournament Rating: This trial is rated, which means that your performance will contribute to your player rating. It’s a great opportunity to test your skills and enhance your competitive standing.

  5. Online payment will be refund if you cancel 24 hours before the trial starts.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to your participation in the upcoming trial. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Brisbane DTE Training Trial