School Holiday Training Camp
24-28 June, 1-5 July
Registration Closes at 8:00PM on 21 June

Current Registration

Beginner-Intermediate Session

 (Limited to 8 participants)

Dates and Times:

24-28 June 

1-5 July

Monday to Friday:

  • Morning: 9:30-12:00
  • Afternoon: 13:30-16:00

Coach: Yvonne Yang

Participants with a rating below 1000 can register.


  • $80 half day / $120 full day
  • 10% discount for registering for 5 sessions or more

初级-中级班 (限8人)






  • 上午:9:30-12:00
  • 下午:13:30-16:00

教练: Yvonne Yang


费用: $80半天/$120全天,报满5节课享9折优惠

Advanced Junior Session

 (Limited to 10 participants)

(Preparation for July National Championships)

Course Dates and Times:

Monday to Friday, 24-28 June 

Monday-Wednesday, July 1-3

  • Morning: 9:30-12:00
  • Afternoon: 13:30-16:00

Coach: Yudong Shi

Participants with a rating above 1000 can register (those below 1000 but participating in the national championships can also join the advanced class).


  • $50 half day / $70 full day
  • 10% discount for registering for 5 sessions



开课日期及时间: 6月24日-28日 7月1日-3日

周一至周五: 上午:9:30-12:00 下午:13:30-16:00

教练: Yudong Shi


费用: $50半天/$70全天,报满5节课享受9折优惠

Course Notes

  1. Please bring your bats, table tennis shoes, and towels. White shirt is not recommended in training.
  2. Participants staying at the club all day, please remember to bring your lunch. The club has microwaves and dining areas.
  3. Participants who need to buy lunch, please contact the coach in advance. The coach will lead the group to purchase lunch. Participants are not allowed to leave the club on their own.
  1. 请不要忘记带上你的球拍、球鞋、擦汗毛巾,请不要穿白色衣服训练
  2. 需要全天在球馆的队员,请不要忘记带上你们的午餐,球馆有微波炉以及用餐地点
  3. 需要自行买午餐的队员,请提前和教练联系,由教练带领统一外出购买。队员不得私自离开球馆


  1. 在享受9折优惠条件中,报名全天课程计为两节课时
  2. 为了鼓励大家集中训练量,同时报名同一日期的上下午视为报名全天课程,即可享受全天价格。报名满5课时及以上,在课程总费用的基础上再进行10%的优惠(报名截止后加课不享受满5节优惠)
  3. 在您成功提交报名信息后,俱乐部将会为您发送课程Invoice,按照invoice上的提示进行付款后即为报名成功,俱乐部会在您选定的上课日期为您预留位置
  4. 由于课程位置有限,俱乐部也需要协调教练的时间,因此本次假期班成功报名后不支持退款和取消课程。如有特殊原因需要请假,可以在假期班期间选择其他上课日期进行补课(课程人数未满的情况下)

Other Rules

  1. For the 10% discount, registering for a full day counts as two sessions. 
  2. To encourage concentrated training sessions, registering for both morning and afternoon sessions on the same date will be considered a full-day registration, allowing you to enjoy the full-day price. For those registering for 5 or more sessions, a further 10% discount will be applied to the total course fee (only apply to the booking before the registration due date)
  3. After you successfully submit the registration information, the club will send you a course invoice. Payment as per the invoice instructions confirms your registration. The club will reserve your spot for the selected course dates.
  4. Due to limited course spots and the need to coordinate coach schedules, successful registration for this holiday class does not support refunds or cancellations. If you need to take leave for special reasons, you can choose other course dates during the holiday class for make-up classes (subject to availability).