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Beginner Junior Group Session

In this stage players will be physically prepared and build solid foundations. They will learn basic service, backhand, and forehand until they are able to play stable rallies with each other. 

Group Size: 2~4 Players

Coach: Yudong Shi, Yvonne Yang


Monday to Friday 16:00-18:00                                   

$50 per session or $450 for term 1 (10 sessions)

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Intermediate Junior Group Session

This group session is designed for the players whose forehand and backhand technique is reliable and they can already train with each other.  It is suitable for the players whose rating scores are between 700 to 1000. 

In this stage, players will be taught most advanced techniques, and they will learn how to apply those techniques into competition. 

Coach: Yudong Shi, Hayden Green

Group Size: 4-8 Players


Friday                                  6pm-8pm             Available


$20 per 2 hour session or $150 per term (10 Weeks)

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Advanced Junior Session

This group is designed for the players of current QLD team member whose rating is over 1000 regardless of their clubs. This session will help players to further develop techniques. It includes basic skill training, advanced skill training, physical training, tactics, and psychological quality. Players will be more competitive in state championships as well as the nationals.

Coach: Yudong Shi

Group Size: 


Saturday                                 2:00pm-4:00pm          

$20 per session or $150 for term 1 (10 weeks)

One on One Coaching

It is the most efficient way to build up your founditions. Your coach will give you personalised advice and follow up on your progress. All our approved coaches have professional training backgrounds. They are very experienced, and have different coaching styles.

Yudong Shi

  • 8 years of professional training experience in China (2000-2007)
  • QLD Team Coach, QLD Team Selector, QLD Men’s Team Member in 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • Table Tennis Australia Brisbane DTE Coach
  • Asistant Coach in 2023 Oceania Table Tennis Championships
  • 2023 TTA National Coach Award: Male High Performance Coach of the Year
Coaching Ideas: 
I believe foundation building is the most important  part of your table tennis learning. I always try to explain the retionale of each technique to help my players understand better. 

Yvonne Yang

  • Former professional player in Hubei Provincial Team and Guangxi Provincial Team
  • QLD  Women’s Champion of 2023
  • Silver medal in Wemon’s Teams at 2023 Australian National Championships representing QLD
  • 2023 TTA Tour (Brisbane) Women’s Champion
  • More than 10 years of coaching