Current Defender

Hayden Green
Successfully defended his title on 20 April


Date & Time: 4th May, Saturday, 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Location: Star Table Tennis, 31 Dover Street, Albion QLD 4010


About the Event:

The Brisbane Table Tennis Showdown is dedicated to providing a friendly yet competitive platform for table tennis enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete against others. It aims to help more table tennis players integrate into the Brisbane and Australian table tennis community, meeting like-minded players and forming new connections.


Registration Requirements

Entry Fee: $25 per player

  • Open to all skill levels, support from all sponsors is welcome!
  • The results are rated
  • Participants must be registered members of TTQ (Table Tennis Queensland). Non-members can contact the club for instant registration
  • The seedings will be recorded in Rating Central

Prize Money Rules

  1. The base prize for first place is $100. A challenger fund will be created for each participant exceeding 6, increasing with the number of participants.
  2. The challenger fund = (Number of participants from the previous event – 6) * $10 + 50% of the previous event’s sponsorship funds 
  3. The Challenger funds rolls over 
  4. Sponsorships are welcome, with specific benefits for sponsors detailed separately. 50% of sponsorship funds will be directly allocated to the challenger fund
  5. Open Championship Format: The winner can opt to receive the base prize and re-enter from the group stage in the next event, with the challenger fund accruing. Alternatively, they can choose to become the champion, receiving 80% of the base prize, with the remaining 20% added to the challenger fund.
  6. The champion is exempt from the entry fee and only needs to participate in the final challenge match. If the champion is absent, the event will proceed as an Open Championship Format.
  7. Champion Challenge Format: The winner must challenge the champion. The loser receives half of the base prize, while the winner receives all of the remaining half of the base prize plus the challenger fund.

Key Points

  • Participants’ competition photos may be used for promotional purposes, including social media and websites.
  • The date of the next competition will be announced at the end of each event.

Competition Rules & Sponsor Benefits

  • Competition Mechanism: The event will mainly utilise a group round-robin format combined with a second phase to determine all rankings, ensuring at least 4 matches per participant. Group allocations will be adjusted based on registration numbers to ensure fairness and efficiency.
  • Seeding: Participants will be seeded based on their Rating Central points to ensure fairness and competitiveness.
  • Match Rules: The competition will follow a best of five games format. To ensure fairness, referees will, in principle, be other members of the same group.
  • Naming Rights for Sponsors: Sponsors have the opportunity to name the event, offering significant brand exposure and enhancing their visibility and influence in specific sectors.
  • On-site Promotion: Sponsors can set up promotional materials and display products at the event venue, enhancing brand visibility and enabling direct interaction with the target audience.
  • For long-term partners, we offer the privilege of printing the company logo on Star team uniforms, providing continuous brand exposure across various competitions and events
Prize Money Pool

Base: $100

The Challenger Pool: $80

Who is coming on 4th May?


Hayden Green 1952

  1. Yudong Shi 1915
  2. Tuan Thai 1248
example: 1915
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